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An introduction to West World



West World is the first novel in The West World Trilogy by Ed Crandell.  Writing began in August of 1998, and the novel was completed in June of 2002.  It was selected for publication by PublishAmerica in 2006, and released February 2007.

(West World is temporarily of out print, but it will be returning shortly! I secured my rights back from PublishAmerica, and the novel will be returning in just a few weeks through Aberrant Dreams after a proper edit, new foreword, and with all-new cover art!)

The message of West World

Ed Crandell said: "My desire in writing West World was to create something that was family-oriented and exciting at the same time - not an easy task!  It must be noted that although this story may be family-oriented doesn't mean it's fluff.   I found that many stories present heroes that kill without any apparent emotional consequences.  But interviews with war veterans show this not to be the case, so I wanted to delve into that territory with my Shallowhorne character.  The story of West World is strongly designed around character motivation.  I also wanted to develop the idea of what it really is that defines a hero, and to discuss the folly of prejudice - all in a manner that is appropriate for readers of all ages."

The Story of West World

It's one man's fight against the powers of prejudice and greed to save an entire race from extermination . . .

     The story of West World is a combination of the science fiction, western, and steampunk genres set on a planet in a far-off solar system. The West World narrative follows the adventures of Tom Shallowhorne. In the first novel, Shallowhorne is a young army officer sent to a world as part of a militia force ordered to “civilize” the planet. Shallowhorne soon discovers that the task involves exterminating an indigenous race in order to clear the way for industrialists to get at a precious blue ore called Iathiam. In order to stop the massacre, Shallowhorne kills his commanding officer. In the remainder of the novel, Shallowhorne is a fugitive on the run from the law, continuing the fight for what he believes is right.
     Ten years later, the solar system where West World takes place is running short on natural resources.  So the planetary leaders of the system - under the direction of an enigmatic tycoon - plan a second invasion to get at Endía's untouched reserves.  They send one of the soldiers who took the lead in the original massacre of the Endían people who is an archrival of Tom Shallowhorne from their early days in the military.  His assignment is twofold: eliminate the outlaw Tom Shallowhorne and his gang, and locate and eradicate the native Endíans.
     But the ultimate battle Shallowhorne faces is with his own conscience, living with the fact that he had killed his commanding officer.  He is joined along the way by several characters - some human, some alien - that all have their own reasons for joining the fight.  So, once again, Shallowhorne finds himself fighting: for his friends, for the preservation of the planet, and for the native people of that planet.  All of this culminates in the ultimate showdown between Shallowhorne's ragtag group and a determined and battle-hardened enemy!

Reader Reviews

West World was a really good book. Although it is not the kind of book I normally read, it kept my interest all the way through and made me laugh . . . There is also just enough suspense and romance to keep it lively. Once I started reading it I couldn’t wait to get some time to finish the book. - Roger, Kentucky

The world of science fiction and fantasy has been hurting for a fresh approach. For the first time in years a story has moved me. West World is a story of man versus ambition. The more I read this book, the more I became concerned with the outcome for each character. . . . The action is fast paced and heart stopping. . . . If you're looking for a yarn that will keep you on the edge of your seat, look no further. West World has it all. . . . - Rusty, Tennessee

West World is a wonderful melding of sci-fi and western that delivers a fun and fast paced adventure story with plenty of wild characters and surprises along the way.  This is the first book that I’ve read in years that is suitable for all audiences, as Crandell does not wallow in violence, sex and gore.  Extremely enjoyable and recommended.
- Robert Freese, Huntsville, Al

If you want to read something diverting and really different, check out West World. This book is a sort of precursor to what I think is going to be a movement in the world of science fiction. There's this movie coming called Cowboys & Aliens... West World is there right now with the warring tribes, the greedy bankers and always, the battles between the noble sages and the corrupt soldiers. It's fun to read, nothing heavy but of course there are always the daring men and the beautiful women, check it out....Oh, and it's the first in a trilogy, so there's more fun where West World comes from, the mind of author Ed Crandell. - Jim Badger, Georgia

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