Battle for West World

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Introduction to Battle for West World


Battle for West World is the final installment in The West World Trilogy by Ed Crandell.  Writing began in late 2009, and was completed February 15, 2012. It was picked up by Aberrant Dreams, a publisher of speculative fiction, and released February 2014. The novel is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or directly from Aberrant Dreams.

The Saga Continues

West World drew upon the events leading up to and occurring at Wounded Knee.  Return to West World is fleshed out with an adaptation of the Gunfight at the OK Corral.  In a similar way, Battle for West World will draw upon actual history, including elements of the American Revolutionary War and The Battle of Little Bighorn (also known as "Custer's Last Stand").

However, the focal point will continue to be the character arc of Tom Shallowhorne.  In this novel, Shallowhorne will finally understand what he needs to do to be a hero - even though it's something he never expected.

The Story of Battle for West World

It's Tom Shallowhorne's final stand against the forces of evil and corruption . . .

War has engulfed planet Endía!  Greedy worlds bent on seizing the planet's precious Iathiam ore have united with the eccentric industrialist, Victor Hawthorne, in an all-out attack to crush Endía's inhabitants once and for all.  Determined to preserve their world, Tom Shallowhorne and the other colonists join forces with the noble Chief Running Wind and the native Endíans in a battle to end all battles.

In an attempt to aid Shallowhorne, the stalwart Captain Julius Vernon and his unexpected allies try to prevent an armada of Hawthorne's starships from getting to Endía's surface with additional enemy soldiers and weapons of war.  Little does everyone know that the mysterious armored gunslinger, Gnomon Chase, has set events in motion that will turn the tide of the entire battle as the West World saga is brought to an exciting and triumphant conclusion!

Cover design of Battle for West World

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