Chief Running Wind

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Chief Running Wind's Profile

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CHARACTER: Chief Running Wind


HEIGHT: 5’ 11”






ARCHETYPE: Sage warrior




Chief Running Wind is the noble, yet humble, leader of the native Endíans. His humility is seen in the fact that, though the chieftain of his race, he prefers to wear a single feather in his hair instead of a showy headdress. In fact, there is nothing about his appearance that distinguishes him from the rest of The People.

Although seen as a primitive by those wishing to colonize his planet, Running Wind is extremely intelligent. He can discern much about the character of the offworld military leaders he has fought against just by the tactics they bring to bear against the native Endíans. His intuitive nature in battle has led him to many victories against the planet’s hostile intruders. The regal leader has kept his people at a safe distance from the settlements of the offworlders. However, Running Wind is not above forming alliances, or even friendships, with those who are benevolent to the Endíans. Tom Shallowhorne is counted among those who have treated the natives with kindness.