Dumas Nakino

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Dumas Nakino's Profile

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CHARACTER: Dumas Nakino


HEIGHT: 6’ 5”






ARCHETYPE: Gentle giant


WEAPONS: Harkens proton-shot pistol, sword



Dumas Nakino (pronounced: DOO•mahs nah•KEE•noh) serves as the quartermaster of Madame Ching’s space pirate crew in Return to West World. Although a man of intimidating size, Dumas’ fair manner has earned him the respect of his shipmates. On planet Knegáro, he was displaced from his family at an early age when a tribal coup attempt went awry and turned into an all-out clan war. To eke out a living, he carried out heavy manual labor at one of the Knegáran starports. Madame Ching and her crew happened to have a smuggling deal go sour in this same port. The notorious pirate would have been killed in the altercation, were it not for being rescued by Nakino. Bound by Auri-Entel honor, Ching offered Nakino a place on her crew, which he accepted.