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Frequently Asked Question

Is this the same as that movie with Yul Brynner (or, in a condescending tone: Did you just rip off that movie from 1973)?

When I was trying to come up with a title I wanted something simple that would quickly tell the potential reader that it was both science fiction and a western. My actual inspiration for the title was Mike Myers' film "Wayne's World." In fact, when I would get time to work on the book, I would sometimes sing: "It's West World, it's West World. It's party time - excellent!" (That's probably more embarrassing than if I would have plagiarized an old movie!!! ::))

Since the 1973 movie Westworld (1 word) seems to be rather obscure, I have never seen it on TV, or for sale at a movie store. What I can gather is that it is set at a futuristic theme park on Earth, and that it's about an unstoppable robot that is dead-set on killing someone (more like Terminator). My story is a character study and morality tale set on a distant planet unrelated to Earth. It's more like Star Wars than Terminator.