Gnomon Chase

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Gnomon Chase's Profile

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CHARACTER: Gnomon Chase

HEIGHT: 6’ 3”

SPECIES: Unknown


ARCHETYPE: Antihero, mentor, man with no name

WEAPONS: LaMott laser revolvers, gauntlet gun, concealed weapons



Gnomon Chase (pronounced: NO•men chase) is a gunslinger of legend throughout the star system.  There is not much that is really known about Chase.  In fact, many arguments have been fought over whether he is a man in body armor, or if "he" is actually an advanced mech, since his faceplate looks typical of the Powell Corp variety of robots.  But while this subject has been a source of debate, more argued has been the idea of whether he is a force for good or bad.  Among those in higher authority who remember him, he was known as a vigilante; for the poor and oppressed he was known as a hero.  When Tom Shallowhorne meets up with Chase in Return to West World, so much time has passed since the legendary gunslinger was last seen that many of the younger generation actually doubt that he existed at all. They believe that he is nothing more than a tall tale used by parents to scare their children into obedience with the line, "Gnomon Chase knows if you've been bad or good!"


The inspiration for Gnomon Chase is basically the idea of Batman of a futuristic past, with a little sprinkling of Clint Eastwood and a healthy dose of Trinity (the cowboy from the spaghetti Westerns, not the girl from The Matrix).  Although he is properly introduced in Return to West World, if you're careful, you might find him within the pages of West World.  Regardless, by the end of Battle for West World, you will understand how his influence is felt throughout the entire trilogy.