Lady Vaudine Van-Veda

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Lady Vaudine Van-Veda's Profile

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CHARACTER: Lady Vaudine Van-Veda


HEIGHT: 5’ 5”


SPECIES: Prytennian




ARCHETYPE: Wise old woman


WEAPON: Her words


Lady Vaudine Van-Veda (pronounced: VAW•deen van-VEE•dah) is a three hundred and twenty-seven year-old ambassador representing Prytennia in the League of Planets—a body assembled to maintain peace and order among the known worlds. Lady Vaudine Van-Veda had been the wife of Albion Van-Veda, Lord of the Prytennian planetary system, before his untimely death.  In her husband’s stead, this calm and composed woman now rules. Although she is advanced in age, Van-Veda has the appearance of a human woman in her twenties. It is typical for her species to live about a thousand years.