Madame Ching

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Madame Ching's Profile

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CHARACTER: Madame Ching


HEIGHT: 5’ 5”






ARCHETYPE: Femme Fatale, Antihero

WEAPONS: Harkens proton-shot pistol, parrying dagger, blade in her mechanical arm, sarcasm



Madame Ching is introduced to the reader in Return to West World, the second novel in The West World Trilogy. She is a notorious pirate captain known throughout the star system in which the story is set. Many starship captains cringe at the sound of her name. She is distinguished by a mechanical right arm. Other than being from the planet of Auri-Entel, not much is known about Madame Ching. That is, until Maria Shallowhorne - taken hostage by this pirate - realizes that she has a very familiar face . . .


This space pirate is based on an actual Chinese female pirate named Madame Ching. The real Madame Ching took over as captain of her ship when her husband was killed. She was also a two-bladed fighter. These aspects were included in this fictional Madame Ching.