Madame Toasta Rafeeka

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Madame Toasta Rafeeka's Profile

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CHARACTER: Madame Toasta Rafeeka


HEIGHT: 5’ 11”


SPECIES: Omorgal (cyan)




ARCHETYPE: Wise old woman


WEAPONS: Her influence, commanding presence


Madame Toasta Rafeeka (pronounced: TOAST•ah rah•FEEK•ah) is a commanding presence on the Governing Council of the League of Planets – a body of planetary leaders tasked with maintaining peace and order in the known territories of space. When we find her in Battle for West World, she is the sitting chairperson, an assignment that rotates annually among the seven world leaders on the Governing Council. As is typical of her race, she is bald, but wears an elaborate headdress. Her planet is divided into three castes determined by skin color: cyan, magenta, and yellow. She is of the cyan race, and thus in the ruling caste.