Victor Hawthorne

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Victor Hawthorne's Profile

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CHARACTER: Victor Hawthorne

HEIGHT: 5’ 10”




WEAPONS: Money, electro-pulse walking stick


Victor Hawthorne is a greedy, self-absorbed industrialist. His father died at an early age, leaving him in charge of Hawthorne Industries - an Iathiam ore mining and refining conglomerate - and the massive Hawthorne fortunes. Not content to live off his father's legacy, Victor decided to move his base of operations from Yewkay to planet Yewess. Since Iathiam is so essential to the system - its ore being used in the production of prima-steel, and the crystals in the ore for starship energy supply - Hawthorne soon became the wealthiest man in the entire planetary system. He was so self-centered as a young man that he never bothered himself with the "distraction" of a family. In his later years he grew more and more eccentric, to the point that now he never lowers himself to speak to anyone other than his closest aides. He uses his aides as his mouthpiece for all public relations. It is believed that this elite group of men also serves as body guards.