Zal Munna

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Zal Munna's Profile

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HEIGHT: 6’ 1”


SPECIES: Taithian (Lupan)


PLANET OF ORIGIN: Third Moon of Taith




WEAPON: Laser six-shooter



Zal Munna (pronounced: zal MOO•nah) is a hot-headed and merciless gunslinger who has thrown in his lot with the nefarious Roscoe Gang by the time he appears in Return to West World. He is the son of an infamous crime boss, Zeboim “Mad Dog” Munna, whose very name once brought terror throughout the entire star system. Following in his father’s paw prints, Zal deservedly earned the nickname “Bad Dog” for himself. Despite this fact—though Munna has a sordid tale of how he lost it in a barroom brawl—he actually lost his eye by running with a pointed object when just a pup.


While created in prose first, when it came time to draw how Zal Munna would appear, the author drew upon his sister’s ill-tempered terrier—Rusty. It was during the composition of that sketch that Munna took on the nickname “Bad Dog.”