Azekah "Zeke" McCoy

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Zeke's Profile

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CHARACTER: Azekah “Zeke” McCoy

HEIGHT: 6’ 5”

SPECIES: Arkuckian


ARCHETYPE: Comic relief

WEAPONS: Ramington laser rifle, laser six-shooter


Zeke McCoy was born in a one-room shack atop a bald knob on the planet of Arkucky. The Arkuckians are a race of goat-like creatures divided into two basic family groups: the McCoys - which all have white fur with black spots, and the Hatfields - which all have black fur with white spots. Zeke was born into the McCoy family. Zeke tended to be kind of lackadaisical in his approach to life, preferring a jug of whiskey and a nap to any amount of work. Since he liked the spirits so well, though, he decided to join a mountain man named Davy in a joint venture of brewing illegal moonshine. Zeke always knew that if he was ever going to work, it had to be something he was going to enjoy! Since discretion is of the essence, the pair decided to do their moonshine brewing in the foothills of the Endían Mountains, where the reader meets them in West World.


By the time of Return to West World, though, Zeke McCoy found himself on the other side of the law - he became a deputy serving under Sheriff Tom Shallowhorne. Both Davy and he gave up moonshining and moved to Plymouth City after the events at Box Canyon. Zeke took up residence in a small apartment attached to Davy's house and blacksmith shop.